Sewing Machine Side Grade

Ok with permission from @Metal_Janet and @dbynoe I gave the industrial sewing machine side-grade.

The industrial sewing machine came with a clutch motor. The pro is that it has power and torque. The momentum up the motor means it can sew through anything. The down side is that it has no speed control. The sewing machine speed is either full speed or zero. This is very responsive for professionals sewing large projects, but very scary and a little dangerous for beginners and amateurs and too fast to sew small project such as patches or straps.

After some research, I found that a servo motor would suit our needs as a space much better. Sacrificing some responsiveness and power, we are able to gain way more ease of use and control. Here is a compairson between the 2 motors. Clutch motor on the left and servo motor on the right.

Servo motor has a speed control which allows you to directly adjust to top speed of the motor to a point where you are comfortable.

But it also responds to foot pressure. The harder you step on the pedal, the faster the machines goes.

Most reviews gave this motor a good review because of how strong it is for it’s size. it is a 3/4 hp motor. and I tested on some thick leather and it sewed through it just fine.

There is still some tuning up that is possible. For one thing, the belt is a little too long so it is not as tight as it could be. This became a problem when i tried to sew 2 layer of veg tan leather together. Further testing is needed but the machine is much easier to operate now and show be more accessible to more people.

Thank you to @Metal_Janet and @dbynoe for letting me mess with their machine. With this sidegrade, I should be finally ready to host shop apron workshops. Look out for that soon.


So… it’s like a TIG welder for fabric now?