Sewing machine: cannot locate


Hi all,

Came to the space to use the old (but good) Singer machine that comes in a beige carry case, and its not longer there. This is the best machine, Brother isnt good, (I cant use it), does anyone know where it is or please bring it back.



I believe it belongs to @miststlkr who took it home for a project.



The Singer slant foot machine? That thing is a beast and can sew anything. I’ve actually been keeping me eye out for old machines on craigslist. I just passed on a free old machine. Will pick up the next solid one I see. It would be good to have another one around.


My grandmother had a foot machine she used to sew canvas.


Yeah, my wife had donated it a little while back. I posted on Slack and here asking if anyone had an immediate need for it, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. I have a tight deadline on a project and borrowed it back so I can get it done. I plan to bring it back down next weekend (12th/13th).


Oh sorry didnt know thought it was a permanent fixture … I ended up doing a little entertaining of new potential members (others did most of the work) - we had quite a few yesterday (all keen). I wouldnt mind using it next Tuesday. thanks!

Hey Janet, there is another more solid looking singer there, but Im use to the other one. But if we can “check out” a machine for a week, that would be great, get more things done faster.


Don’t be sorry, you are right and it should be a permanent fixture. It was
donated and shouldn’t be leaving the space.

Trying to convince my wife why she can’t “borrow back” her machine is a
little harder :stuck_out_tongue: it won’t be a regulator thing. I’m sorry. It’ll be
back by the 11th so you can use it.


It is back home at the space now. Sorry about that.