Sewing 101 Sign Up List


4-5 hour beginner sewing workshop. Thinking later in February on a Saturday or Sunday. Please comment if you would like to sign up. Cost is $60 and includes pattern, fabric and supplies for the class. There are sewing machines at VHS however bringing your own also encouraged.

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Does this class include learning to use the serger?


I can do a class for that. It would be a separate as that’s very much it’s own monster. Probably 2-3 hour workshop for sergers.


Will be postponing till February as VHS moving and all


I would like to join in Feb.


I would like to join. :slight_smile:


Also Interested


yay @davonna!


Looks like later February I can organize this. I’m going to wait till everything is moved and figured out in new space as currently we need a craft/sewing area figured out and craft table and workstations functional for said area


I have a couple real projects I would love assistance i doing. Replacing zipper on suitcase. Fixing / putting cuffs on end of coat. Just spit balling real applicable things that Inam hoping to learn and apply.


Sounds like a sewing fix-it night might be good - or a couple of nights where people can drop in to fix up stuff with a particular focus on using the machines.


Ya, I am wondering when would be good to have a sewing 101 workshop. Do you think I should postpone till March? I’ll be real i’m super hesitant not knowing if there will be anywhere at the space to cut fabric


So i’m going to have to postpone a sewing 101 to April as hackspace is not ready for a group and March is known as every damn comic con scheduled back to back :slight_smile:

In the meantime i’d be down to teach folks how to use a serger as that’s a 2 person class and also a fix it day works