Set of 7 x MICROH LED Tri Bar to give away (varying degrees of functionality)

Hi, the ANZA club has several MICROH LED Tri Bar lights in varying states of functionality, none are working 100%. Mainly, many of the bulbs in each of the strips only produce red. They may be useful to strip for components. If anyone at VHS would like to take them off our hands, please let me know and I can arrange to deliver them. Otherwise they’re going to Free Geek.


Having worked at Free Geek, I would say their ability to process things like that was pretty limited when i was there. I used to being stuff like that from FG to VHS. Something something Circular economy ?

I’ll take two for parts please. I’ll be near the Anza club on Friday around 3pm, can pick them up then.

Depending how many there are, I can bring the rest to VHS or electronics recycling if nobody wants them.

Amazing Hector, thank you so much! Would you mind contacting me on 604 710 4224 (I hope it’s ok to post phone numbers here) or you can email me jonathan[dot]bierman[at]gmail[dot]com and we can arrange for handoff… there are 5 that have been de-rigged, there are two more yet to be taken down, if you wanted all seven I can make sure to get in there before you come on Friday to take them down. Cheers!