Service/repair manual for Samsung SyncMaster 275T

Does anyone have a service/repair manual for the Samsung SyncMaster 275T (or SyncMaster 275T Plus because it is similar)? I have searched the Internet but only get noise, such as keyword spamming. I searched , , and Barnes & Noble but only found noise there too. I do not even know if a service/repair manual for this model exists but I guess it does.

Edit: I searched The Pirate Bay too but only found service manuals for SyncMaster models that I do not have. I guess I should check the public libraries in Metro Vancouver even though I prefer an electronic book as an unrestricted file I can keep forever on my own computer, not a paper book I have to borrow or buy.

Edit #2: OK, I searched the Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Fraser Valley public library catalogs, found nothing. For now I only want to know how to continue disassembling my SyncMaster 275T after removing the stand because my SyncMaster 275T seems to have died on Saturday so I wanted to check for hardware failures that are obvious with only a naked eye visual inspection, such as blown/bulging capacitors. I could not find disassembly instructions for the SyncMaster 275T, only for non-*T SyncMaster models, so thought the service manual, assuming one exists, would have disassembly instructions but I cannot find a service manual for any SyncMaster *T model. I should ask my friend who tried to fix my SyncMaster 275T Plus after it died if he remembers how he opened it because the procedure may be the same for the regular 275T. Or I could just leave my 275T with him to see if he is at least able to determine what failed. He was able to fix a 19-inch LCD video monitor by replacing at least one capacitor on the power supply board (internal power supply) but he was not able to fix the 275T Plus.

no idea how legit these guys are.


I already checked there. They have only the user manual and the quick start manual, not the service manual.

That Web site looks sketchy/dodgy. My income is currently so low that I do not want to risk spending that much money on what may be a scam.

I’ve purchased repair manuals from Tradebit before. Mind you this was like 5
or 6 years so not sure what they are like now. A former customer actually
recommended the site.