Semi-private studio survey


Hey folks,

At some point in the next year, the VHS is likely going to have to move to a new space. Don’t worry, there’s already a great committee actively working on finding a new space! However, there are two factors necessitating some changes:

  1. We’ve outgrown our current space, and would really like a lot more.

  2. Our current rent is really cheap, and it’s unlikely that we’ll find more space in the same budget.

In keeping with these factors, we’re considering a new way to raise revenue: allocating and renting out semi-private spaces in our (presumably much larger) next space.

Please take the survey so we can gauge member interest in this exciting thing. :slight_smile:

Edit: Bump, 29 responses out of ~150 members, let’s juice those numbers!


I’d like to add that indoor bike storage would influence my need for semi-private storage.


What do you mean? Would you want to store a bicycle long-term in a semi-private space?


Sorry, that statement is probably more confusing than it needs to be because I was trying to use the parlance of the survey.

What I was alluding to was that I would consider using private-storage for coming and going with my bike if a secure alternative was not available.


Oh OK! So you just want a place to park your bike indoors while you’re in the space, rather than a long-term bike storage area?


Yeah, but if you didn’t offer secure bike storage, you could rent me some long term storage…

… [maybe I shouldn’t be sharing this] …

… On second thought, there’s a zero percent chance I’ll rent anything if there isn’t a secure place to store my bike! Final offer :business_suit_levitating:


I would also be willing to rent several cubic meters of public space under the condition that anybody can feel free to roll my belongings as necessary.

Although, I get the feeling this approach wouldn’t scale very well.


I think having a place set aside for short-term indoor bike storage would be a great thing to do in the next space, I’ll add it to the list.


HiVE Co-working has a relatively convenient and space efficient design.

I used to work there and I don’t remember anybody ever complaining. At least not regarding the bike storage…