Seeking Woodworker Set Build

Evening everyone,
I came upon VHS through meeting Brandi and Adrian. We meet at Bump and Grind Cafe a few blocks away; and we got to talking about projects and told about VHS!

So I am looking for someone to help me with a new film I am shooting in March 2023. I’m looking for a person who has experience in building items with wood. The best details to the point here, I could say, I am wanting to build a bathroom(not functional, just visual). I have a space, where I need to build four walls and a vanity on wheels!

I’ll provide all the tools and funding to make this happen.

Since I’m new here I’m not too sure how much detail I should be putting in this first post, but, ask me and I’ll give you all the details wanted!

About the idea though: a short film, a drama about mental illness-so rather a tough subject… The main themes within are about how difficult it can be to find help and how difficult it is to ask for help(for how people get from one moment to the next to admit they need help).

I’ll leave it at that, and I very much welcome any and all thoughts.

For a note on me, I adore woodworking, I spent years working in the wood-shop in school and at home making art out of wood. So, I myself have some facility for it.


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I’m interested. I’m a very experienced woodworker and am familiar in the furniture, craft and the structural aspects of the trade. Would love to talk to you more about this.

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Hi Katamari,
Thank you very much for responding to this post, I really appreciate it. It tells me two things, one this might be an idea worth doing, and the other that I’ve posted correctly. Since I’m so brand new to this form I’m a little thrown if this works in the way that I thought it does. As well I’m going to send you this message within the forum, as I’m using the response through my email, but I’m not really clear if that actually goes through so you’ll get this twice I guess sorry.

I’d love to have a meeting with you probably this Monday or Tuesday coming up, so we can talk all about the details and see if this is a good fit between us and what can be done. If there is any time on Monday or Tuesday that would work for you? We could do it over Skype, or we could also meet in person.


Hey Attila, Appologies for the late reply had a whirlwind week. I’ll get at you on text.