Seeking keyholder volunteers every night next week @ VHS


After the Makerfaire there is always a huge spike in new people interested in VHS. It’s our best opportunity all year to grow membership at VHS.

Several times new visitors have mentioned that Tuesday’s are a bad night for them to visit. Fine! I’m sure VHS can be a little more flexible for a couple of days.

Please pick a night on the VHS calendar and bottom line an open space from 7:30-10:00. If we can get the week booked solid then we can promote at the fair.

Thank you!


Kevin and I will do Wednesday - I don’t have access to the calendar so if you want to add it that would be great





I can do Thursday ( also don’t have calendar access )


done. I’ve also granted you access.


Was anyone able to do Monday? I’d like to do it as I’ve got something that needs doing but I have no key.


Yep, I’ll bottom line tonight - added to the calendar that the space will be open 7:30-10 as per normal hours.


I’ll do Friday night. Added it to the Calendar


It seems we’re having some issues with IsVHSOpen/doorbot/etc. You’ll have to call the space to be let in - and there’s no sign out front either due to the key for the padlock being AWOL.



Turns out I’m not going to be able to bottom-line on Thursday night – can someone else open up the space on Thursday?


I’m planning to show up at about 8pm. By the way, yesterday the buzzer system was down. We were only able to get in on others coattails. Does anyone have time to try and troubleshoot this?


Hey guys, I’m here and I opened up the space.