Security issue - don't leave the doors open unless you can see them

I walked in to the space last night and all the doors were wide open and no one was in the space. I had to walk through the space and out to the back and only one person was there working in the alley. Now - there is no one individual to blame for this, and I know people come and go over the course of the evening.

All I’m saying is - if you’re leaving the space and no one else is around in the main working area to keep an eye on the front and side door - just close the doors.

I could have easily stolen a bunch of stuff last night (you all know how shifty I am).

TLDR: don’t leave the doors wide open if no one is around to watch them.


Frankly, I’m surprised you didn’t!


Hmmm…I do need a new laptop. There were only macs around tho. :stuck_out_tongue: