Screenprinting vacuum light table for donation

The Wilson School of Design at KPU in Richmond has a vacuum light table for exposing photosensitive silkscreens that has become redundant. The school would like to donate it to VHS if the hackspace would like to have it. It is in extremely good condition, works very well and comes with the vacuum, timer and a couple of extra tubes. The cart in the photos is not included.

The dimensions are 41" x 10" x 28"

Please let me know via PM or to if there is any interest in VHS acquiring this device. If so, VHS would need to arrange to pick it up from The Wilson School of Design in Richmond during weekday business hours.


the eager weas3l in me what wants to get into silkscreening bounces with excitement. However, the pragmatic non artistic side in me cautions on it adding to the silk screening dust collector pile…

But, my vote is still a +1

Should VHS Accept this light table donation?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Needs more discussion
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It’s super cool.

I don’t think VHS would get much use out of it.

Thanks for the offer Steve!


No worries! I thought of VHS first as I knew the space had acquired some screen printing equipment a while back. We’ll find another way to dispose of it. If you know of any other non-profits or schools that might like to have it please let me know and we’ll approach them.


Thanks for thinking of us as always Steve! @Ficus_mischievous mentioned a makerspace being set up at her kid’s school. I bet that would be of interest!

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Wow guy, thanks for the shout out! I will ask the school :rocket: