Scrap Challenge Summer 2022

Welcome to Summer 2022! I’d like to invite you to another instalment of the Scrap Challenge. We’ve done a few before, sometimes focused on specific scrap, sometimes not, but always a hoot.

I invite you to give it a shot. All you need to do is find some material that has a very high chance of not being used, and give it new life. This can be a broken down toy, a few scrap pieces of wood, an odd scrap of metal, some fabric nobody would use in their right mind, etc. Take that material and make it into something awesome.

Once you’ve done that, post photos of the material and end result either here, or in a separate thread if you want to do a larger write up (then link it here so we know it is your submission).

Beyond that, there’s not a lot of rules.
When August 31st comes around, we will vote and a very small-value prize will be awarded to the winner, along with bragging rights.

Ultimately, this is your limited colour palette to work with that I hope inspires your creativity and diverts some material away from landfills.

The challenge is open for anyone (member or not) and I encourage mediums and materials from wood, metal, fabric, plastic, electrons, and beyond.
I hope to see some unique items, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Just a reminder in case anyone wants to join this challenge! VHS membership is not required, so feel free to challenge a buddy on this!