Saving and donating Juliette, the coffee machine

Hi folks,

First time posting here so please, forgive me if I didn’t post to the right forum, or if what I’m about to propose is outrageous :smiley:.

I work for a software company in Burnaby, and we drink coffee… So much coffee that our old-ish Saeco Royal Coffee bar (Juliette) gave up recently. Long story short, we fixed it once already via some repair shop, but it broke again. This time, we decided not to throw more money at it, and get another one.

I have a weird love story with Juliette, she made the coffee I like, and I don’t want to see her thrown away, so I decided to take her home, and try to fix her.

This is Juliette,

But I’m a simple software guy, I’m curious but I know nothing about machines, and I can’t repair this without help.

So I came up with a plan: I was thinking I could walk in a cool hackerspace with beans and croissant, find somebody who would like to help me diagnose and if possible, repair the machine (I’d like to help out and learn along).

If we can fix her, I’ll take a last coffee, and donate her to the hackerspace.
If we cannot fix her, I can leave her for parts (second life!) or mourn, and scrap it for good if you don’t want her around - kinda heart breaking though -.

I know nothing about coffee machine, but I know some about good croissants and software (no web site html/css thingy, sorry, more like backend stuff ASM / reverse / crypto / C / C++ or whatever looks like code). Knowledge can go both ways.

I’m available on weekends or during the week after 6pm, and I don’t have plans for the long weekend coming up.

Please, let me know.



You’re welcome to drop by with the machine during one of our open nights. They’re held every Tuesday from 7:30-10. There’s usually members with technical know-how present who may be able to help you.

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