Hi folks

I really need a sandblaster for my bronze and buying a small cabinet isnt going to be much more than going to langley to do it myself so i found one on craigstlist for 225.

This is a pretty small cabinet and can used essentially right away. Is this something there would be space for if i bought it and is there any other interest in this besides me and mac?

Would anyone else want to go in on this?


I would also love one - We used to have one, but it seems to have disappeared in the last move.

@Emerson is building one (currently in the paint room) but I don’t know the status - If there are easy things we could do to push it over the finish line, that would also be cool


This is super cool. Do you have a sense of where would be a good spot to keep it (maybe there is a redundant piece of equipment that could move along)? I’ll also leave it to @emerson to weigh in on the state of the current build project but I’m sure he’d see the pluses of having a legit sandblaster. I’m definitely in for 20bux if the general consensus is to move forward on this.


The paint and mess room happily welcomes the sand blaster.
I will pitch in $50 for it.


I’ll do $50

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Great! With a bag of glasd bead (37$) and the extra male ended air connector ill have to get today i think the blaster is all covered then!

Its now set up in the shops paint and mess room with some instructions for use :slight_smile: thanks everyone!

I will note that another air drop sbpuld eventually be added as the air hose has to travel across the room to get to it.


Sweet! Thanks for doing this. I sent cash over.