Safety and First Aid Tasks


First Aid

  1. Check over first aid kits to see if they contain any expired or broken materials
  • We are supposed to have a small yellow first aid kit in the wood shop, but apparently we do not
  • There has been discussion of building a first aid cabinet in the wood shop to house a first aid kit
  • Confirm all locations of first aid kits so I can update the wiki
  1. We are missing our eye wash station
  2. Where is the sharps container located?
  3. Regarding potentially hosting a public defibirllator, the city got back to me with a phone number to call

Dear Laura:
Thank you for contacting the City of Vancouver.
Please reach out to the Training officer at 604 665 6089 regarding your inquiry on AED’s.

I don’t feel like I am the right person to make this call, but anyone else feel free.


  1. Check over fire extinguishers and confirm which ones are expired
  2. Confirm locations of fire extinguishers so I can update the wiki
  3. Confirm locations of other safety gear
  • breathing masks
  • gloves
  • safety glasses and face shields
  • ear protection
  1. Do we have a copy of the release waiver online so I can post it on the wiki?


  1. Install emergency power shutoffs

Update wiki with info

Updating the Wiki - Patch Notes
  • We are supposed to have a small yellow first aid kit in the wood shop, but apparently we do not

This was a small box the size of a deck of cards with band-aids. I’d guess its contents expired and it was tossed out.

We are missing our eye wash station

Eye wash station was several years past expiry and contaminated. It was disposed of during the move.

Where is the sharps container located?

Last place I saw it was on the shelving unit with the hand tools on it. It was full of discarded boxcutter blades and a syringe.

Confirm locations of fire extinguishers so I can update the wiki

Many, if not all, fire extinguishers were brought into the space used and expired. New ones should be purchased; there was some discussion from @Majicj and @dbynoe but none were purchased.


@Andrew_Hendriks Thanks for the confirmation about the small first aid kit and eye wash station.

  • Are there any plans to replace these things in the near-ish future?

  • Should I mark this as the official location of the sharps container, or will we find it a better home?

  • Also, what is the procedure for disposing of sharps? Do they go n our dumpster, or is there special proceedings?

  • I don’t know much about fire extinguishers.


Hey, uh, pals, we have a lot of expired first aid stuff.

I’m currently sorting through the kits to document them and put them in appropriate homes, but I can’t reasonably put back some iodine wipes that expired in 2010.

Broken / Expired Stuff

  • Badly corroded pupil guage
  • All of our Iodine wipes
  • All of our Benzalkonium Chloride wipes
  • Bottle of solarcaine lidocane spray
  • Bottle of mostly empty bactine antibacterial spray

I threw out a bunch of empty / broken bandage packaging

My goal for the space is to have three major first aid kits for our forked areas.

  1. Kit up at the front, We can decided if we want it to be by the metal desk or in the locker, or if the locker just carries spare supplies
  2. One in the wood shop / welding zone, opposite to the metal desk
  3. One in the machining area because there is no door to the wood shop / welding zine and I don’t want someone to be dragging bloody appendages around.


I checked with Royal City Fire Supplies - to re-certify a fire extinguisher it’s $5.25 taxes in.
I don’t mind taking them one or two at a time to get them looked at. Depends how many we have and need to leave at the space.


@SteveRoy I’m not a fire expert by any means, but personally I would like an absolute minimum of two non-expired ones in the space, one up at the front, and one in the wood shop.


I updated the wiki with what information I can about locations of safety gear.

  • I am still missing info about respirators, face shields, does anyone know where these are kept?

  • I am missing info about how to properly dispose of sharps

  • I added a PDF copy of our waiver to the safety page in case anyone wants to read it before they visit

  • We are missing an eye wash station

I went in and looked at our first aid supplies. We have a LOT of bandage-type things, though with questionable packaging, I assume many of them are not sterile anymore. I divided teh major supplies into three working kits:

One up on the metal desk

One in the wood shop

And one in the metal shop

The rest of the leftover supplies I put back in the clear plastic bin on top of the lockers. This is not meant to be a first aid kit in and of itself, it just contains extra supplies.

If area champions think their kits are missing something, or contain something that will never be used, let me know and I can change the contents. I really hope we buy some non-expired antiseptic pads, ours are all expired.