Roomba Repairs, Hacking, and all things Robot Vacuum

Did you know a group of VHS members fix up old roombas so they can continue to work as robot minions. Do you want to fix your broken roomba? Need help or parts? Are you looking for a robot helper of your own? Join us on slack in the #roombarama channel.

We also have a few roomba parts (in the bin under the 3d printers) and we love donations of broken roombas people would like to recycle.

So far, we have fixed:

  • the circle of death (broken bump sensors)
  • jammed gearboxes
  • wornout sidebrush gears
  • roomba mainboard issues
  • faulty dirtbin errors and dirt sensors
  • broken cleaning head motors
  • broken caster wheels
  • worn out tires

Have a question about a broken robot vac? Ask in this thread.