Roomba Night, March 22nd, 7 - 10 PM


With the help of others i am going to host a Roomba night at VHS - Wednesday March 22nd


I wish I had old roomba to hack. Perhaps I’ll look for one on the cheap. Any suggestions?

By the way, this guy sure would be fun:

Dustin would probably run and hide.


I have an ad going on Craigslist for broken, in need of fixing roomba’s

I have managed to pickup 3 of them over the past few months. One for $30.00, needed a battery and IR sensors and 2 for free with only one of them needing a battery. The $30.00 one is now known as Dustin.
The 2 I got for free both work well



@robojeremy here’s one on the North Shore for 50 bucks.

I would aim for 30 bucks though. I’m sure it needs a new battery which will run about 50 bucks. Still way cheaper than buying a new one.

I’m not sure on the exact model of this but I think it’s a 500 series. I have a 540 and they work great.


Also there are some cool things to 3d print for roombas.


If we printed one of these, Dustin wouldn’t be able to escape from the space.


@Janet Thanks for the heads up!


Due to a scheduling conflict this event has been moved to Wed, March 22nd.


If anyone plans to work on there roomba batteries I can help. I’ve done a few of my own so far. Just try to charge your battery pack as best you can before roomba rumble night so its easier to look for the bad ones.

No promises but I’ll try to find used but still good sub c batteries at FreeGeek this week to use as replacements.


Woot! I’ll definitely be bringing two old Roomba batteries. One is from gen
1 so will have to figure out how to get the triangle screws out (I’m sure I
can get it with a slot head screw driver wedged in there).


I have triangle head screw drivers … I’ll bring them (or leave them in the dropbox for you @Janet)

My roomba battery pack has 1 bad cell, I’ll try to come by to replace it.


Woo! Thanks Hector that is awesome. Hope you can make it. Would be great to hang out.


Where are the new IR parts?? @Janet do you have them?


Yes, I have them!


Free before its gone

The Nintendo of Roomba’s as we say :slight_smile:


I know - I saw that but was too late. Neatos are pretty awesome.


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