Roof and envelope inspection


So last week is is a very thorough inspection of the roof and perimeter of the building. Well honestly mostly good news. It’s better then I thought, however, still in need of some imidialte repair on a few sections. Also the good news is that if we are paying for the reapirs, they will be inexpensive.
I’m including some pics so you all get an idea.
Thanks all for all your hard work these past 3 weeks have been really great! To see the potencial is amazing!
Pics are coming soon


This is greatly appreciated @faja66!

We’ve been hesitating on opening up the kitchenette wall until knew we wouldn’t make the issue worse.


The kitchen is actually not so much a roof issue but the flashing around the air conditioner is defiantly not good.


@faja66 thanks so much for checking that out - really appreciated! What do you think is the best approach to fix it. Should we start with the flashing or do we need to open up the wall further to clear out water damage?