Rolls of paper towel for the dispenser(s)

Hi All.
John was able to tweak the paper towel dispenser in the “first” washroom to fit the roll I was able to snag from work. He says he can probably do the same for the second dispenser, for the second washroom. I can get a case of 6 rolls from our supplier for $76+GST. They’re 950 ft rolls, and I think that first one lasted fairly well.
Is anyone interested in splitting the cost of a case or two? Or if anyone can get a better price for 8" x 950’ (Kimberly Clark 02000 equivalent) just shout.

I will say that it’s really nice not having to reach up to grab the paper towel with wet hands! (and the musical dispenser is great!)




@Billiam I got $10 for VHS can/bottle recycling return and I’ll chip another $10.

I can etransfer you $20. send me your deets.


Personally, I think the space should be paying for basic hygiene supplies such as paper towels and toilet paper. I know we’re in a financial crunch, but this is pretty fundamental stuff imo.

Does anyone oppose?


Sorry but I do oppose. It used to be when you headed down to the space you’d bring a roll or donate a pack of TP or a pack of paper towel. There’s no reason for VHS to be spending money on that, especially when it’s good to tighten our belts. I may be channelling my full ulster scot :smiley: – just my 2 cents.

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In for $10

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I’ll chip in $10 as well…

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You’ve persuaded me. Put me down for $10 as well.

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Put me down for $10.

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You’ve persuaded me now also. I will donate a pack of the finest kitteny soft tp I can find. Will bring to the space this week.


Looks like we need 20/25ish more $ to make this happen…

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$20 left, which I’ll kick in.
I think I got my order in in time for tomorrow’s delivery.