Robbox Inc. is looking for product testers! Smart digital power tools and devices

Hey Guys!

Luke here from Robbox!
We’re a Vancouver-based company developing the first generation of Smart Digital Power Tools and Devices. We’ve developed the first ever, Smart Digital Power Drill — xDrill™ — which will be released next year. Currently, we’ve also developed a super cool Digital Measuring Device — Sennses™ — which will be released in the coming weeks. The Sennses™ Pro will be able to do a range of different functions including: digital levelling, laser measuring w/ bi-lateral measuring system, stud-finder applications, and more!

We’re looking for product testers to test out our Sennses™ Pro and get some product feedback from tool users like yourselves!
We’d also love to take some photos (if you are okay with that) of you using the tools and take the feedback and comments back to our team to further improve the User Experience and Product altogether.

If this is something you guys may be interested in, I’d love to put a group together and bring our tools over for a couple hours to let the group play around with them. You can PM me here or email me at:


very cool. hope you get some interest

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