Reversible Servo Controller for a Lionel Train engineer, is this a good idea?


Can anyone suggest a reversible Servo Controller. I will be using it to control servo motor inside a Lionel train.

Lionel trains use variable tap AC transformers. The problem with this is I can’t individually control more than one train engine at time with this. The second problem is I want to wirelessly control the trains speed and direction. I will be using the gear reduction already in the train engine.

My thought is to use the AC transformer to supply the track and switches with ~18V AC.
Then use a full bridge rectifier and caps on the train engine to supply the reversible Servo Controller with DC. I am not too worried about ripple from the full bridge rectifier.


LoialOtter, what are your thoughts? I think I remember you designed a CNC / 3D printer with brushless servos.


What do you mean by reversible? You can mechanically actuate it and read the position, as well as the converse? :slight_smile:


By reversible, I mean move in the forward or reverse direction.

This should be quite possible by switching one of the three servo voltage
wave forms for the forward and reverse direction.

To detection the position I was going to read a magnet encoder perhaps in
combination with a track sensor.

This is only a model train, not a CNC accuracy is not really critical in
any way.


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I found this and it is sort of interesting.

It uses STM32F4 processor which I like. But I have no idea what the boards will cost.

The main way for the ODrive to communicate with a PC or embedded computer (such as the RaspberryPI) is via USB Serial (aka USB CDC)

The controller integrated with motor approach would not meet my dimension requirements.


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