Research Project on Circular Economies and Maker Spaces (tour dates)

A couple of weeks ago someone phoned in and emailed the space about a research project they are working on. They are looking to do a tour of the space for a large (10-12 person group). I have sent out some follow up with them and offered to give them the tour that they’ve asked for. I’ve added the date and time to the hackspace calendar. I have volunteered to provide the tour and @yeungx also volunteered. If you want to be around the space and represent the space you’re more than welcome to come by.

I’ve asked them to be respectful of our membership and if they are taking photos of the space to ask for permission before taking photos with members in frame during their tour and i will ask them to pre-sign the liability waiver before arriving.

If you are using the space at this time please expect some minor interruptions during this time.


Hi there,

My name is Wakana and I am interested in booking a group tour for a project I am working on. My colleagues and I are working on a grant funded project looking at the topic of Circular Economy and Makerspaces across Canada. We are currently in the beginning phases of the project which means touring makerspaces, looking at Vancouver and other cities eco plan, etc! We were hoping to put Hack Space on our list of makerspaces to visit if there is availability and interest in connecting.It will be for a group of 10-12.

We are a cohort form a mixture of post-secondary institutions across Canada, such as Langara College, Thompson River University, University Fraser Valley, Toronto Metropolitain, and Memorial University.

We have a full weekend of site visits so our schedule is a bit fixed but can be adjusted if required. We were hoping to come in on Friday May 5th, 4:20pm to 5:20pm followed by a more detailed visit on Saturday May 6th from 1:15pm to 2:00pm. The second visit will be half the team and a day where we can have a more detailed conversation about what we are working on and ask questions about Hack Space.

Looking forward to hearing about availability. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach me by email or call 778-239-5582.Best,
Wakana Shimamura
Research Assistant
Langara College