Request: Vinyl Cutter Training


I’d like to learn how to use the vinyl cutter to make this kind of project. I would like to make stencils for etching. We may even have some etchant at the space.

Is anyone up for running a quick intro to vinyl cutting for me and any other interested parties? I will beer or rootbeer you.



@ryanmaclean @Lefty Sounds like a great workshop idea!

Glass etchant is kinda nasty, but we do have a sandblaster, which is a common way of doing this!


I would love to get in on this. I know Keven Mac has used it.


We could etch any glass thing. Beer glasses would be pretty fun. I know other vhsers have done cool stuff. Mimi made some hats recently.


I would love to join in as well! Thanks!


@Janet , Luke Cyca and I used it a while back and updated the Wiki with instructions that will be enough to get you going.

I would recommend picking some of the stuff off the shelf and playing around with it. When you get your final material you should do some test cuts to get the right speed and pressure for that material.

Also a new blade would probably make life easier if the EPC would cover it.

Also you’ll want transfer paper, a scalpel, and a squeegy to get rid of bubbles.

If that’s not enough I can run you through the basics some day, it’ll only take about 20 minutes as I’m not a master vinyler myself. Although I haven’t made it to the hackspace in ages, bloody office jobs! :frowning_face: :


Thanks @hughl87 that’s perfect! I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the offer and sorry to hear you are tied up in the office, but it’s good to pay the rent. :slight_smile: I may hit you up for advice if I run into any major problems.


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