Request for 3D paint tube openers ANY COLOUR (total group goal = 100)

As always if you print any of this request - thank you for helping

What: This request is for any part of a total of 100 paint tube openers. These are excellent for people with arthritic hands or other mobility challenges. They’ll be handed out at an upcoming MMC event.

Use your own donated PLA or feel free to use MMC PLA (in furnace room). Only 13 grams each (a 100 will take about 1.5kg of PLA)


  1. Download stl
  2. Print at home or on a VHS printer, with 25% infill
  3. Drop Off completed print in MMC tote, in furnace room at VHS

When: Needed by May 1st.

Download file:

how much infill (percentage)


Good question! 25%, have edited to add to the post. And thanks a bunch @steveroy!

Should also add - MMC PLA is in the purple bag in the furnance room. If anyone wants to do a lot of prints please feel free to take a roll home.

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I’ve just started a print of 14 of these. I’m low on PLA so did it out of ABS+. ABS should perform as well as PLA so hopefully no issues.


That is fantastic! They’ll be great in ABS! Thank you so much @Brian_Stubbs – super appreciated! Also feel free to grab some of the MMC PLA if you’d like some.

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This is amazing! Only a few days in and MMC Van members have already made 43 paint tube openers!!! Thank you to this amazing group including Alfred, dbynoe, Brian Stubbs, jim, koopero, mikepkes., SteveRoy, Tamara, and Rob !!

Some very nice red and white prints by Alfred.

Glow in the dark green by koopero.

Same prints by koopero with a bit of a glow on.

Equally lovely but not glow in the dark by Jim.

Very snazzy purple and blue by SteveRoy.

Some nice minimalist white ones in a mock up from Rob! Final pic to come.

Looking good! One of Rob’s completed paint tube openers.



Those carrots look delicious.


Well this is amazing - one week later we have 108 openers printed with more on the way form various makers!

Just a reminder to please bring your completed prints to the space (if you haven’t done so already) and pop them into the MMC tote which is in the furnance room (where we keep the robotic beaver).

Please drop off prints by Sunday, May 1st. :smile:

Also if you need some filament for future makes we also have some in there in the purple tote. Shout to @koopero who recently donated a roll of that funky glow filament to the stash.

Also if you wanted to contribute but haven’t had time, no worries! We’ll have more makes and builds down the road. Your interest and support of MMC at VHS is always very much appreciated!