Replacement Roomba Side Brush Gear - 3D Print

This is a 3D printed replacement side-brush gear for a Roomba 500/600 series. The side brush motor gear tends to strip and needs replaced once in a while. Here’s the design if anyone would like to print their own.

Printer Settings:

  • Printer: Ender 3v2
  • PLA: 1.75mm
  • Bed: 60c
  • Nozzle: 215c
  • Infill: 50%
  • Infill density: 10%
  • Supports: touching buildplate only
  • layer height: .1 mm
  • Print speed: 50 mm/s
  • Adhesion: skirt or brim

Roomba Side Brush Gear STL
(I printed the Roomba_side_brush_gear_2_v4.stl)

The side where the supports were is a little bit rough but the gear still works great. I printed a few which I’ll leave for members in the roomba parts bin (under the 3D printer area). If you take the last one please print a few on one of the VHS 3D printers.

Edit: We have many parts for fixing roombas including the IR LED pairs that fix the circle of death error. Join us on slack in #roombarama for more info.


My sidebrush has been not working for a month or two, this post inspired me to clean it up, open and inspect the gearbox, and put it all back together. Seems to work fine, guess it was just jammed up with dust bunnies!

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Yay that’s awesome. I did the same recently. Since I have long hair that seems to get in there and bunge up things. There will be a bag of replacement gears at VHS as of wed so feel free to grab one for when the brush gear goes. What usually happens is the screw strips out the gear insert and you won’t be able to tighten the brush anymore.