Reorganized the soldering irons


Hi everyone. I reorganized and labelled our extra soldering station stations in a way that makes them easier to retrieve and use. Hopefully the picture is self-explanatory.

Each soldering station has its own box, which also contains the iron and its stand, so that if you need to solder, you can just grab one of the boxes and go. I’ve allocated a couple of the boxes for the spare parts (extra irons, replacement tips, etc)


This is great John:

I was wondering if we can also add locations to each of these boxes so that folks know where to return them.

@iMakeRobots initiated a great system at Cook street where each bench is given a Letter Designation and each shelf was numbered from 1 to 5 (low to high) .

So for example in the above photo we let’s say that the left bench is Bench A and the right Bench B.

The boxes on the top shelf would have “A5” added to the front and so on.


I plan to be in the space thursday and work on building the new address system. anyone wants to join me, be there 7pm. the hardest part will be the people who put tape on boxes and made a @#$*( mess of it. Bring some goo-gone if you can, please.


Go for it, you don’t need my permission.


we use a very similar system to organize all the art at the gallery


Thanks Dan for address labeling all the benches! Next up is to address all the individual boxes.

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