Remote Indicator Lights for the Sawstop table saw

So inspired by this:

I’ve started making a thing:

Yup, that is a light controlled light.

Basic idea is we can mount the light dependant resistors (LDR) on top of the existing sawstop lights, and this setup will mirror the status onto the giant stoplight.

All the parts came out of VHS bins, the SSRs are these guys:
they just need 9ma of DC voltage to turn on, and are internally limited to 11ma.
So I put a 1k resistor in series with the LDRs connected it to the SSR input gate, hooked the other up to 12v and voila. The resistors are swappable if we want it more/less sensitive.

(Sneaky edit, forgot to mention the whole thing is 12v, yes even the stoplight, yes I know it has a ground wire and looks like it should be ac, but its 12v. DC, and like 0.19 amps each light)

The wiring is terrible, I should’ve put ferrules on it, but had a bad case of git’r’done’itis

If anyone wants to move it ahead since I am done for the weekend the following things need to happen to make this functional.

  • A mount needs to be built to hold the LDR’s up against the front of the sawstop, if no one comes up with anything better I am going to do this with snot tape.
  • The wiring needs to get cleaned up, all the parts mounted in the box and some cable glands installed to have the wires come out of the box.
  • The light needs to get mounted on the ceiling next to the dust collector (I figure we can run the cat5 sensor wire along parallel with the power cable to the saw, and the wallwart can plug in to the plug thats next door).
  • If anyone wants bonus points there is an extra pair of wires that could go to two LEDs to mount in front of the LDRs so we can see the status of the lights that are being covered up by the LDR’s if that makes any sense at all.

The box is currently sitting by the jumbotron, I hope to be back in next weekend, but you know, hackspace, so feel free to finish things off or work on it if the mood moves you.