Reducing dust in the space


Hi all, I’m interested in any ideas people may have for how we can reduce the level of dust in the space so that members can enjoy a cleaner and healthier space in which to work. Less dust also means less time cleaning, and more time hacking.

Dust comes from everywhere, but especially from the following sources:

  1. Woodshop, especially sanding and cutting
  2. Existing dust in the building
  3. Outside
  4. Ventilation ducts
  5. People

Some ways we can currently reduce dust:

  1. Run the ambient air filter in the woodshop
  2. Always use the dust extraction when using power tools
  3. Leave the doors closed unless necessary (i.e. for cooling until we figure out how to cool the space down more effectively)
  4. Dust the top of the ducts, use a high efficiency furnace filter (done) and change it frequently.
  5. Education: make sure people know to use the dust extraction, clean with a vacuum instead of compressed air, etc.

What are some possible improvements we can do to reduce dust in the future?

  1. Buy one or two more ambient dust filters for the wood shop, automate them based on airborne particulate levels?
  2. Upgrade and automate the dust extractor (working on this)

If you have any suggestions, please post here! Thanks!