Recycling 3D printer filament and empty spools

Hi! Does anyone know where I can recycle 3D printer filament (PLA and PETG) and empty spools?

Vancouver curbside recycling used to be much more picky about only wanting #1,2,4,5 but it looks like those restrictions are no longer in force now that Metro Vancouver (formerly GVRD) is running the recycling.

Metro definitely doesn’t want “compostable” plastic in the recycling stream, so I would probably just toss failed prints or unusable bits of filament in the garbage. PLA has a lower melting point than most other polymers, so it cause problems.

For the spools, I would make sure there are no metal parts, make sure they’re not PLA, then toss them in a residential blue bin. :slight_smile:

The Zero Waste centre on Yukon St. south of Marine is good if you have a large amount of anything, they have staff who can advise you where particular items/materials go.

I agree with the Zero Waste Centre, I haven’t been there myself but they take everything.
I had 3 extra spools that I didn’t want to toss in the blue bin and had them up on craigslist for months. Just last week someone finally grabbed them, for what purpose I don’t know. Mostly I found craft ideas online for what to make with old spools, so I just waited on someone to take them, but they aren’t a hot item at all.

Fun Tip: Weigh the spools before you sell them. I’m not sure which programs do this but they sometimes estimate the amount of filament you will use for a print when you make the code. If you know the weight of the spool, you can subtract and check that you have enough filament left for the print or not.