Really Interesting Update from Vancouver Tool Library


We at the VTL are excited to announce the launch of our new workshop space, in partnership with the Wood Shop Worker’s Co-op, located at 1245 Glen Drive. Our organizations have been working together for several years, and are aligned in our focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and community building. Check out their website ( for more about their fantastic work, and to support their crowdfunding efforts.

The VTL will utilize the Wood Shop work space to expand our increasingly popular workshop series and provide drop-in space for members to work on their own projects, with the tools and comforts of a fully functioning wood shop.

Since 2011, we have offered a robust workshop program offering a variety of opportunities for VTL members and the public to develop knowledge, skills, and confidence in the use of a variety of tools. Workshops range from in focus from wood working, to leather working, to sustainable home building practices. Recent offerings have included: Planter Boxes, Growler Caddies, Spoon Making for Beginners, Dog Leash & Collars, Travel Wallets, Lumber & Fasteners and DIY Camp Stove.

Renting space from the Wood Shop will allow us to offer a greater number of workshops, in a more suitable, safe, and accessible space, as well as provide members a highly requested drop-in space to work on projects.

Every second Tuesday evening starting on Feb. 11 2020 from 6:00 to 10:00PM the Wood Shop will be open to VTL members. Punch cards are available at the Tool Library for $10/hour increments of work space time, members can use as they see fit upon completing a free safety orientation at the Wood Shop. Members are welcome to an array of tools on site at the Wood Shop, including two top of the line cabinet saws, sliding mitre saws, and a large drill press, and are encouraged to bring borrowed tools from the VTL to work on their projects.

For more information about upcoming workshops and the new workshop space, visit our website (


That’s a great move for them! I’m glad they are still alive.

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Walking distance from VHS and gelato half way there!


All the cool kids are moving to this hood.