Real robotic arm


Hello friends:

It has been a long time. I found this:

image on craigslist in Langley and, VHS should seriously consider purchasing this machine. We should not forget to ask if they have fittings, drivers and bits to include.

I sourced some jade boulders from Dease Lake area and, I think this, robot can cut island models into jade stones.

I wish you all the best,



$7000, nice but I am not sure we can budget it


made in West Germany… I once climbed Mt. Baker on West German crampons,
not very pretty, but practically indestructible, I wouldn’t be surprised if
the Varsity Outdoor Club at UBC still rents them out.


The posting has expired, is that a welding robot (what purpose was it used for by the owner)?


I spoke to sales people at Lenmark and, sales representative said that, arm lifts moves and puts only. Though, he was not sure. He will call back. I believe that, arm can operate on multiple axes on numeric control and that bit spinning motor can be attached at the end and wired along and possibly inside of the arm to work on independent on/off switch. Current VHS location is likely not the place for it, realistically. And I am not 100% sure, it operates on CNC, cannot determine much from photo. Otherwise, $7000 for machine I am describing is not that much at all. Thank You for replying.