Quick Release Vice Contributions

Hello all, I was told that the best way to promote this request for contributions to a new quick release vice for the woodshop would be to post this request here. I am proposing that we install a quick release vice to the main table. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/tools/workshop/workbenches/vises/54873-quick-release-front-vises?item=70G0805. The cost is $235 for a regular size vice and $301 for the large (includes taxes). If anyone would like to contribute, let me know. We currently have $90 in contributions. I will take care of the installation. Cheers

Will this become permanent VHS property? If so, thanks!

Where will this be mounted on the main tables?

Hello Janet, yes this will be permanent VHS property. If we can raise the money. I am planning on installing the vise on the corner of the main central work table that is adjacent to the table saw. This link explains the benefits of locating a vice at the left corner of a workbench: Should my vise go on the left or right of my workbench? | Wood.

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For what it’s worth I have pledged 20 dollars for this. It would be nice to be able to have a vice permanently mounted for when we need it and not have to search for it when it gets removed from the woodshop bench.

I believe @sid has also pledged 20 dollars in slack for this.


Thanks Philip, I will contribute $50. So we have $90 in contributions so far

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i’ll pledge $5 ! (let me know how we send something like this ? paypal ?)

I’m in for $20.

Thanks Austin, I will let everyone know if we get enough contributions to move ahead. We can workout payment details then. Cheers

Maybe as an alternative we can look at purchasing a kit such as this:

A Moxon vise is a good option. We have also raised enough for a non-quick release vice. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/tools/workshop/workbenches/vises/31137-front-vises?item=70G0801. Let’s give this another week or 2 and see if we can’t get more interest.

We have raised $135 so far. Thanks again everyone for pitching in.

Happy to throw $20 in, aiming for the QR but fine to screw and screw and screw and screw :blush:

i’m in for $20 as well :slight_smile: