Quick n' Dirty Smoke Filter for AC

This is really not a groundbreaking thing but if you are using a 2-hose ac (or any other ac really) to cool your apartment, here’s how to keep all this crazy smoke particulate from being sucked in. It’ll help your breathing and also stop your ac from clogging up with particulate.

These filters come in 15 X 24 inch sheets. Just cut out one of these to the right size to fit over the intake hose of your ac and secure it with a rubber band. I do it on the window end as it also stops bugs from being sucked in.

Here’s what ONLY ONE DAY of filtering looks like right now:

I’m sure it has some minor impact on air flow rates and ac efficiency but so far I have noticed no difference in cooling and the air coming in is much fresher.

I should add - even if your ac has a single hose, you can still use this filter material in with your built-in ac filter. There are instructions on the packet for how to do that.

Edit: I’ve bought my filters in the past from Home Hardware and Canadian Tire.


If you have a box fan, you can attach a square filter to it, on the blow side.

Speaking of filters…

Does anyone know offhand (before I consult the Oracle) where I can get a carbon filter element that is “window” or “box fan” sized? I’ve heard that they can remove weed smell.