Quick kitchen drawers

This hardly compares to the works of art that some people post, but I was stoked that I could do all of this at VHS.

I made some drawers for an awkwardly shaped (narrow and deep) cupboard in my kitchen using some leftover plywood I had, and some cheap drawer glides. Table saw, brad nailer, slap some paint in the Paint and I Promise I Cleaned My Mess Room.

Banana for scale.

The white plastic spacers are from Lee Valley and mount directly to standard shelving holes using 5mm Euro screws, and just regular wood screws where they didn’t line up with the holes.

Next step: organizer boxes cut on the laser!


They look great, fit the space available and are functional. Excellent job.


I have a similar application for my closet.
I am looking for hinges that completely fold the door out of the way so I don’t need to put spacers on the door hinge side.

Would these work? https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/hardware/architectural-hardware/interior-door/hinges/46438-double-acting-hinges

The spacers do waste a lot of usable space that I traded in exchange for keeping this a “minimal effort” project. :joy: And hey, I can still store long skinny things in there.

Hi TD,

Have you thought about SOS Invisible hinges. There is a calculator on their site: Invisible Hinge Product Overview - SOSS Door Hardware. A friend of mine put them on pantry and bathroom doors in a hallway so that the doors would be flush against the wall and blend in. Here’s a video on how to install them How to install Soss Invisible Hinges - YouTube. I know you can get some at Lee Valley, but I think they’d be too small for a closet door. My 2¢’s.

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