Questions about pets


Hi all,

I’m new to vancouver and would love to drop by and check out the space and get involved with the community. I have pretty bad allergies to cats and dogs and was wondering if there are any pets in the workshop area, or if people regularly bring pets. If so, I probably won’t be able to join… Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!



Hey Jen

Welcome to Vancouver! Lets see if I can help you out with some info. There aren’t usually pets at the space but that being said, we do not have a specific no-pets-in-the-space rule so you might very very occasionally encounter one. Sometimes people bring their dog in if they are running an errand for example, but I don’t know of anyone who consistently works with an animal in the space for long periods of time. The space is very workshop like and has a tiled floor so there isn’t lots of space/surface for pets to hang out.

A lot of members have dogs/cats so they may have pet dander/saliva on their belongings but hopefully that won’t be as much of a concern for you.

I’ve been a member for 5+ years and have maybe seen a dog at the space briefly 3 times.

What I would suggest is to come on down to our open night (every Tuesday) and check us out and talk to people about it.

Actually there is an open night tonight from 7:30 - 10pm so come on down and check us out!

Hope this helps.



Hi Janet,

Thanks so much for the info! I will drop by an open house and check out the space.


Hi Jen,

As someone who sometimes brings their dog to the space, I do so on the premise that was described, only occasionally, and in one instance where someone was not compatible with pets I left immediately (and will continue that practice). While I can’t say that everyone will do the same, I expect that the number will be few and far between and all that needs to be said to come to a reasonable accommodation is for you to disclose your situation in a calm manner if the need arises. I hope that helps.