Put up fans, made new bathroom hook

I put up two of the fans today, which are now no longer taking up workbench space, one in the wood shop, one in the electronics area. Thanks @phoenix and @Tybot for your help with putting these up!!!

I noticed that we don’t seem to have a large number of washers (there are also several boxes that are labeled washers yet contain none), and that our wood screw supplies are all mixed up and strangely organized. This seems like something of a project to tidy and reorganize into a nicer state.

I also lasered/glued up a hook for the bathroom door:


FYI to the next person doing these: it’s much much easier if you take off the nuts on the side of the fan and dismount the stand with a 10mm wrench, since it’s nigh impossible to fit a drill around the fan. Put a washer on a decent size screw into solid wood and screw the bracket in. Then you should take off the fan grille so you can hold the side carriage bolts in place while putting the fan up.

Get someone to help bend the bracket for you and use a step ladder :slight_smile: Then once you’ve got the bracket on, you can put on the nuts and grille again and you’ll be good.


Meow. If possible could move the fan away from that electrical junction box? And the other smaller ones too. 12*12 one. The photos make it seem like it’s blocked partially.

It makes it harder for me to chew on the cables inside there. Sorry.

I think that you should be able to rotate the fan base vertically and align the fan with the base and it should be out of your way. If not, I can move it when I am in the space next time. I verified while putting it up that the base rotates properly. There weren’t many other obvious spots to put it where it’s hard to bonk it.

There is a screw on the bottom corner. If I can access it somewhat easily. It probably ok. If not. Sorry in advance for taking it down.


Yes, you can easily access that screw as-is :slight_smile:

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Thanks for doing these @jade2! My contribution was so very small but I was an immediate beneficiary :smiling_face:

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