Public consultation - Smart City Survey


Dear VHS community,

I spoke with some people of your community (Thanks Bruce for your help and mail), And I’d like to propose you a discussion directly in VHS.

Just to remind you my goal : I’m conducting a survey about digital technologies and smart city in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

My main goal is to collect differents point of view about smart city and as DIY-community, I think your differents point of view are really intéressant (I did my PhD in Europe about DIY in Antifa/Anarchist scene in Paris and Berlin)

The survey is a 1h discussion about what do you expect/want/don’t want from smart city an I give 20$/ participants. If you prefer, I can give this money as a donation to VHS.

I thought that maybe, it could be during your super small house party, or maybe another day, but I go back to Quebec tuesday:(

please, if you’re interested, could advise me at
I’ll be honored to organize a discussion saturday (during your smallhouseparty), sunday or monday evening.

Thnaks in advance

Romuald Jamet

Professeur associé en Design (Université Laval, Québec)

Post-doctorant à l’INRS (CUSC, NENIC Lab, Québec)

Docteur en Sociologie (Université Paris-Descartes)