PSA: Rusting Air Compressors need maintenance


Hi all,

When air compressors compress air, they also pick up moisture.

Both air compressors have a bleeder valve on the bottom. It’s designed to drain the water they accumulate.

The next time you use an air compressor, please drain it to prevent the water from corroding the compressors:



Ahhhh, that’s what I found leaking all over the woodshop floor last week.
It looked like someone spilled coke, but was not sticky.

Didn’t taste very good, either.


luckily we have enough saw dust to absorb that… :troll:


With the irregular use that they see, I’d say that depressurizing them at the end of the day would not be a bad thing.


This is perfecly normal for there to be a bit of brown water out the valve. They are both in good working order as far as i know.
Yes draining then daily is what needs to happen for long life!


I normally depressurize my compressor after every use and get rid of the water.


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