PSA: Catalytic converter thieves at work - protect your truck!


So I didn’t know this was still a thing, but it seems there are people out there stealing catalytic converters off trucks.

Around 4 am I hear somebody what sounds like a sawzall. After peering into the darkness I see a 9 foot U-Haul van parked illegally in front of a pickup truck. There’s a dude going from side to side with a flashlight under the truck, and every time he goes under the truck I hear the saw. By the time I figure out it’s time to yell at this guy he hops in his truck and drives off.

I called the police, and they did come to check it out, but of course dude is long gone.

Here’s some articles on the topic:


It is not like you need a catalytic converter that eats 2.5 % of your engine power for no direct benefit to you or your truck, anyway. Just saying, :wink:


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