Prospective Member hoping to take a look around

Hi all,

I’m seriously looking at becoming a new member, but would very much like to have a chance to look around the space briefly and maybe ask a couple of questions before fully committing. Seeing as though the scheduled open house events are currently suspended, I’ve been instructed to ask here if there would be any open time that I might come by while members are using the space?

I’m pretty much available during any evening after 6:30pm except Wednesdays and any time on the weekends, so any time that would be convenient I can certainly make work.



Hi Adrian!

Welcome to the VHS community, glad to have you here!

We’re working on getting a set of protocols for safely giving tours to non-members, and that should be ready within the next week or two. I’ve set myself a reminder to ping you on Talk when that’s ready.

In the mean time, if you haven’t already seen the high-speed virtual tour, it’s here:

I can answer whatever questions you have about the space, but here’s a couple to get the conversation started… what kinds of things are you interested in making? Are there any particular areas that are of interest to you, or that you want to learn more about?

Janet (from the welding shop)


Hi Janet!

Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: I did manage to take a look at the virtual tour and the space looks awesome. There are so many things that your space has that I know I will want to learn in the future, but to start I’m interested most in the mould making supplies, the woodworking area, and perhaps dipping into the electronics space on occasion too.

I am, admittedly, a fairly novice maker, but have tons of ideas floating around in my head and no way to get them started (yet!). I will likely need a bit of instruction from time to time with tools I’m unfamiliar with, but I’m a pretty damn quick learner. I DEFINITELY want to get to know metal working and welding at some point down the line.

The things I’m primarily interesting in making are replica props and costumes (but not limited to that). I’m a visual effects artist/supervisor for Hollywood, but never get a chance to actually build anything I get to work on, which I want to change.

I have my own pair of SLA resin 3d printers, which are cooking non stop, but adding a few more tools to my arsenal would be awesome!

Mostly my questions are about the learning process. As I said, I am quite novice, and will likely be very unfamiliar with many of the tools at your disposal. Are there resources available? Or perhaps people willing to instruct? Are there any tools that require certification?

Also, for non key holding members, I know the available time is fairly limited. Is this done by a scheduling system? or are there standard available hours that anyone can come and work?

Thanks again for getting back to me :slight_smile:


Cool beans. We have a few people who are into props and cosplay, so you’ll fit right in. I’m actually a practical SPFX tech for film and TV, so I’m familiar with what your world is. (I creeped your IMDB; we have not worked on any of the same shows, but it was a near miss because I was supposed to have done Power Rangers but got shuffled onto Pirates 5 instead… small world)

The hack space is a great place for novice makers. There’s such a wide variety of skills in use at the hack space that we’re all novice at something or other, no matter how expert we might be at something else. It’s very conducive to skill sharing. I actually owe my career in SPFX to the hack space in Calgary; I was able to pick up the fabrication skills needed on my evenings and weekends, so that when an opportunity came to get into it full time I was able to pounce on it.

The only tool that requires certification at this time is the laser cutter, and that requires in-house training, which is run on a fairly regular basis. I think the Laser Cutter Comittee is working out how we can do laser training under the current conditions, so this might be a watch-this-space kind of thing.

Everything else in the space is trained on a ask for training or a check-out on the relevant Slack channel and somebody will work it out with you.

Most of the tools we have are pretty conducive to self-directed learning as you go, with technical support from the relevant Slack communities as you need it, but the more dangerous ones do require some training if you don’t already know how to use them. In addition to the afore mentioned laser cutter, these are: the welder, the machine lathe, the manual mill, the CNC mills, the table saw, and the plasma cutter. For these ones, we require that you either have prior experience or get an experienced member to show you how to safely use the tool. I’m currently developing an intro to welding course that should be up and running pretty soon; the rest are ad-hoc just ask on the slack channel. We’re also working on getting best practice signage together for each of the areas, which should be able to cover most of the frequently asked questions right at the source.

For any tool that you don’t feel comfortable with, whether that’s from a safety perspective or a “I don’t want to fuck up something expensive” perspective, you can always ask on the relevant Slack channel and somebody will give you some pointers.

Right now access for non-keyholder members is on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, or if a keyholder brings you in as a +1 at other times, for example working on a project together or giving lessons on a tool. We have an Appointy account that we’re using to manage that, accessible through the Member Login section of the website.



Hey Janet, was hoping to be pinned on an update for newbies as well. Im a metal fabricator but am interested in a space to get some electrical and wood projects in, ideally using the metal shop as well. Im stoked to get in and start working!

Will do!

Edit: are you going to upgrade your username to Magnum if you join?

Hi again Janet,

I had one follow up question. I mentioned that I would be interested right away in getting to use the mold making equipment, in particular the pressure pots. What is the protocol for projects that need to cure for a 24 hour period or more in the pressure pots, and how does that effect members without key holder privileges?

Thanks again!

The pressure pots aren’t heavily used items, so leaving them in over a few days is fine; I would just make a post on Talk stating that you’ve got a piece curing in the pressure pot, and say when you’re going to come back in to take it out. Start it on a Thursday come back on a Sunday kinda thing. If you want a shorter timeline you can always ask on talk if somebody will guest you during keyholder hours; I’d do it and a fair number of other folks would too, provided we can get Appointy to behave itself.

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That’s great. Thanks again Janet! Looking forward to checking the space out when you’ve got the protocols figured out :slight_smile:

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Hi again everyone,

I never heard back regarding the status of non member visits, but I do see there’s an “open house” on the events calendar tonight. Is this open to the public?

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I havent heard any updates for us non-member folk. Im still very interested to come check it out!

Hey, Sorry peoples, we are slowly figuring things out. We are all trying to get a feel within the community about the proper procedure to doing tours again. However the good news it we have come to the consensuses that we are able to give tours by appointment as long as we are not going over capacity for the place with is 10 people. As long as everyone wears a face mask.

If you guys are free, I am normally hold open hours at sunday from 12-4pm. However I will be missing this sunday. We are also normally open on Thursday night right now. We are working to get more opening time.

However If there is a specific date and time you want to come down, please tell us and we will try our best to make arrangements.

Thank you so much @Bluesteel and @Sasperzilla for your patience. We are doing our best.

Thanks @yeungx! I know times are strange and I’m sure you all are doing your best. I would potentially be available Thursday night, but almost certainly available on Sunday to come and take a look. Since you said you would be absent this Sunday, does this mean the space will be closed?

I think Mimi is there thursday night. And I am hoping someone else might step up to take over Sunday open hours. Let me get back to you about that.

im going to fill in for yeungx… if you want a tour then just let me know

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Awesome. Is there a time on Sunday that would be best?

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On second thought, I may swing by tonight around 7:45 if there’s someone around?

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ok. no problem… i’ll be at the space from 12:00 till 4:00 on Sunday so if your plans change. come on by then.

That works perfect. I can come by early afternoon then.

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Hey! Thanks for that. I’m still interested, times are crazy and so is my schedule, so i dont want to hold down a planned tour yet. Could i possibly swing by next Thursday after work, if someone will be there. What times are people normally there on Thursday evening? I was thinking 7pm. Stoked to check it out!