Proposal: New shelving and moving light fixtures in the mess room

Hello, Avy of the paint and mess room committee here! As you know, I’ve been trying my best to improve the mess room over the last few months, and I can see some areas that need improvement but I lack the skills to do so on my own. This is by no means a complete list, there are many things to improve, but I at least would like to propose some changes that wouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

One big thing that I think would help would to be to add shelving over top where the bench is, to add more space to store objects that are less frequently used, leaving the space under the bench for easy access to heavy objects/ frequently used objects like the vacuum chamber.
This would require people who are experienced with installing wood shelves that can hold a decent amount of weight, perhaps 100 lbs? I don’t know if that is a reasonable number at all.

Also to install these shelves, we would need to move the light fixture in the room up to the ceiling to allow for the space.

I don’t know what is required to do these things, nor how to hopefully convince people to help with these endeavors. I want to make the mess room better for all, and I can see these as good ways to improve the hackspace just a little more.


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