Project: Wood shop dust extraction

Hi all, last year we made some progress on the dust collection system for the wood shop, with the goal of eventually having a fully automated dust collection system to maximize enjoyment of using the shop (by having a cleaner and more user-friendly shop). Here’s the work that has been done so far:

  • Soundproof Enclosure: I framed up a staggered stud wall (to minimize sound conduction). Thanks to @Metal_Janet for putting in the insulation, drywall, ceiling, and door.

  • Bobby installed a 240V circuit for the big green dust collector (and also the big blue air compressor).

  • Control panel: I started assembling an industrial control panel to eventually automate the dust collection (i.e. run the extractor automatically when a tool is running). It has a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a bunch of Molex connectors for connecting to the different tools.

To keep this project moving forward, we need some materials:
-6" duct for the main trunk to the dust extractor
-4" duct to various locations around the shop to the machines
-duct fittings
-a cyclone and filter bags for the big green dust extractor.

  • replacment filters for our air cleaner

I’d love some input on this project, or if anyone wants to contribute or take ownership of this project please let me know.


john. do you have any links to the stuff you need? I can check with work and see if we can get good prices on the filters.

For some of the 4" duct and fittings, here are some things that would be useful:

To save money, I was thinking we could use PVC sewer pipe and just run a grounding wire inside to prevent static charge buildup. 4" sewer pipe is

$2.41/ft from Vancouver Irrigation, which is conveniently across the street from VHS.

I’m not sure what model of air filter we have at the space, but I can find out tomorrow and link to a filter.

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sounds good. i’m back at the gallery on Wednesday. I’ll check then