Project Prusa i3 3D Printer ($105 OBO)

This is my ridiculously over engineered previously working (but not for a while) Prusa i3 3D printer…
Currently in disrepair (bed assembly needs to be put back together) and everything needs to be setup again.
Consider it a project so you should be comfortable taking on building a 3D printer build if interested…
Consists of:

  • 12V 30A Power Supply (with attached power switch and cord socket)
  • RUMBA driver board (with 5x A4998 drivers) with cooling fan
  • LCD Screen Controller with USB and SD Card sockets
  • 5 NEMA 23 stepper motors (42BYGHW804)
  • MK2a-ALU Heated Aluminum Bed
  • BlinkM LED Driver (can connect to driver board via I2C, supported by Merlin)
  • RGB LED Strip Across top (to be driven by BlinkM board)
  • Hot End (can’t remember what version)
    All mounted on a 3/4" plywood base with handles
    Frame has been strengthened with bits aluminum angle stock

Comes with the parts to put it together and:

  • 3x spare RUMBA board (not sure if any of the 3 actually work)
  • Spare extruder parts
  • Spare drivers and wrenches
  • Power cord
  • 3D Printing Book (has good information on Prusa i3)
  • Possible Borosilicate Plate (I had one but can’t seem to find it)


Here are a few test prints from when it was working…

Needs USB to USB mini adapter to connect the extended USB cable to the RUMBA board (I had one but can’t find it)
I went overboard with the wiring and cable management (you could simplify it)
The extruder has always given me issues (filament slips and it’s too big so moves slowly)
I used end stop switches on both sides of each access (you only need 1 side)
Its’ heavy

Price: Hard to price as costs of printers has come down compared to when I started this (@SteveRoy @KevMacD helped me tremendously) . I based my price on the value of the stepper motors and power supply (the value to me anyways) as I can use those on other projects…


And also includes a part roll of green 1.75mm PLA (a bit old but has been kept dry)…


I’ll take it, thanks
Edit to add - I’ll get it working and put on loan to VHS


Amazing thank you @SteveRoy