Project: Network Wiring the Space!

Hi all, I just wanted to create a discussion post for the project I’ve been helping with lately: the ethernet wiring, and where things are at with it right now. I also wanted to give a shoutout to @TyIsI for being an awesome sysadmin and un-borking my mistake that took the network down the other day.

Some of the old ethernet cables (to places like the 3D printer bench) were removed earlier in order to pass our electrical inspection (thanks @KittyCat for all of your amazing work!) and I’ll be reinstalling these over the next few weeks. I’m currently in the process of installing network jacks (thanks @SteveRoy for donating these) and conduit (for Power Over Ethernet) throughout the space.

If anyone is willing to donate any of the following materials, please let me know:

  • Boxes of Cat6 cable
  • PoE Injectors or PoE Switches

If you have any questions also please let me know.

Documentation for the network is on the wiki here:


Thanks John!!! this is amazing

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Does either the hackery or freegeek have stuff like cat6 and PoE switches?
My cost on a 1,000 foot, solid copper, 550MHz, Cat6 FT4 (riser grade not plenum) cable is $126 +taxes. I will sell at cost to anyone who wants to donate it to the space.


I found a 5 port POE gigabit switch at the space, so I think we’re good for the near future. We could check at North Star Metal Recycling to see if they have any boxes or spools of cat6.

I recall there being a few PoE injectors below the VMware monitor on the rack as well?

Yes, found a few more PoE injectors. I put them in the box labelled “Server Room Small Parts”.

Edit: I also brought in some more #10-32 Clip nuts for the racks.

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meow. you still need switches? i got tangled in some cat6 wire. Do you need some more?


If you have any of those little 4 or 8 port unmanaged switches, we could always use more of those. I’m also all out of cat6 solid wire.

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