Precix or Axiom CNC


Has anyone here had any first-hand experience with Precix and/or Axiom CNC machines that they would like to share? Tradeworks is looking to acquire a 4x4’ CNC router system and Precix and Axiom are two of the machines we are considering.


I don’t know anything about either of those, but I just wanted to point out that CNC Router Parts is in Seattle and often supplies free/discounted stuff to Youtubers, so they might conceivably be receptive to a nonprofit pitch. :slight_smile:


Thanks, we’ll look into that.


Perhaps @Lukeo can offer some thoughts as he built the wood CNC?


I guess there all pretty similar these days in terms of you get what you pay for. I’ve see cnc router parts kits go together on youtube and they look good for the cost. If you want a pre-made solution yeh Precix and Axion look fine. I use a at work and they are a Vancouver based CNC company. All cnc’s will have their quirks and program errors etc and I’ve definitely had a few problems at work but could just be the operator and some bad g-code being used. So not sure theres any machine that will fix those problem yet.