Potential leases on Granville Island


My partner works on Granville Island and forwarded me the latest CMHC bulletin to tenants. I’ve clipped the section on leases coming available and have pasted them below. You can see the location of the various building numbers on the Granville Island website.
I cannot offer any other information other than what I’ve pasted. If you are interested in more information you’ll need to contact the folks at CMHC.

Leasing Updates

• 1359 Cartwright Street, which has served as a gallery and event space for BC Potters Guild Society for the past 32 years, was turned over to CMHC on April 6th, 2018.
• 1387 Railspur Alley, which has served as a workshop and retail space for Janis Dean Johnson for the past 17 years, will be returned to CMHC on April 30th, 2018.

Thanks to all those involved in the BC Potters Guild and to Janis Dean Johnson and her team for their valuable contribution to Granville Island. Stay tuned for a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for both spaces in the coming months.

• Work continues on developing a phased Expression of Interest process for the Arts & Innovation Hub, with plans to initiate Phase 1 of the process in summer 2018.

• With the relocation of Arts Umbrella to the former south building of Emily Carr University, we will be reviewing future new arts + culture uses for their current space at 1286 Cartwright Street. We anticipate issuing a call for EOI for this space in early to mid 2019.

• Building 36 and Building 55 will be used to expand and contribute to the Public Market District, and we are open to suggestions and informal interest from the local culinary arts and food & beverage community.

  • Building 36 (location of Edible Canada/parking garage) will likely be reserved as temporary relocation and staging space as part of the Public Market expansion and subsequently redeveloped into additional Market District use;
  • Building 55 (behind Granville Island Brewery) is slated for future redevelopment but is not expected to be released for EOI until 2019 at the earliest.

• The space at #4-1244 Cartwright served as an industrial production space for Feathercraft for almost 40 years. We are open to suggestions for use from the industrial as well as the arts & culture industries and will be making the space available for EOI in mid to late 2018.


The Feathercraft factory would be awesome! I was very sad that they closed (the owner retired). They made the coolest and best expedition-grade packable kayaks.


That’s cool. Grandville Island would make my commute really simple.

Does someone normally reach out with a proposal when something like this comes up?


I think Granville island would be a really great location.


My partner, who works on Granville Island, just forwarded me this link about the Arts + Innovation Hub being built at the old Emily Carr site. She though that VHS might be interested as a potential new location. There are building tours being setup, the next one being tomorrow.



I’ve been working with some people at GI/CHMC on getting VHS in there, but unfortunately timelines are a problem; they’re still in the Call for Ideas (as in, soliciting high-level ideas on uses) stage and won’t even be accepting expressions of interest until 2019. I agree that I’d love to see VHS in there, but it’d be the next-next space it looks.

edit: just reading your link and original post - you had that information already. Oops. :slight_smile: Well I guess just a confirmation then; we’re in contact with the people in control of these things, and have a very strong advocate up top!


In the meantime, I saw a place (~4000 sf) for rent right above R&B brewing on 4th and Quebec…


We’ve looked at that space, unfortunately it’s not an option.