Post Sewing 101


Hi, I just want to thank VHS on letting me use the space for the workshop. I had 4 attend out of 6 that signed up. Everyone who attended has given me very positive feedback about the workshop and the space. I did have some hiccups due to equipment issues and that I had an injury happen the night before but even with the hiccups people enjoyed it.

I’n Sorry I goofed on some things like not getting photos of workshop, I was super wrapped up in getting sewing machines to behave and teaching. And doing so while hobbling with a sprained ankle so definitely I have room for improvement. First time am happy with success and if I attempt similar I know what to iron out :slight_smile:


Thanks for putting in the time and effort! We need to do moar workships!!!11. :slight_smile:


Thank you again @Davonna for organizing and leading this workshop especially given your fresh injury. I had never used a sewing machine before and, despite the fact that my sewing machine frustrated me to no end (not a VHS machine) until I figured out what I was doing wrong, I learned tons about not only how work my machine at a very basic level, but about how to cut out patterns and put all the pieces together. I feel 1000% more confident in my ability to continue learning on my own (with maybe the help of a couple of books and/or videos) and be able to actually make some progress. Having said that, if you ran a Sewing 102 class I would sign up in a heart beat!



I’m wondering if people would be on board for a 2 day class. Like instead of one full day split up into a Saturday and Sunday afternoon weekend workshop


Not sure which would work; but a lot of people seem to have week-based schedules, so the other option is to hold it on consecutive weeks. IE Saturday x, then one week later on Saturday for 2nd half.


My schedule is really different: 4/4 (4 days on; 4 days off). So “fixed” schedules don’t necessarily work for me.


It would depend on the weekend. Most of my weekends in June and July are already spoken for.


I personally would prefer consecutive weeks in the evenings, like two Wednesdays or something. Weekends are impossible in the summer. #justme