Polyethylene laser approval

So I want to laser some Polyethylene foam sheets.

Here is the material data safety sheet. did not find it listed on the approved or banned materials list. Can we Laser this material?

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The LCC is looking into this.

The msds provided here is is “polyethylene” in general.

Can provide msds for the specific foam that you want approved?


As far I know i just bought generic polyethylene packing foam. this looks pretty close but is not specific to the one I have. The best i can do.

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Hi guys,

I also have a general interest in being able to cut EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) Foam in the future.
Possibly 1/2" or maybe 3/4" at the most.
It has better thermal insulating properties than EVA foam, so there are a few applications that I like EPE a little better.

Here is a link to Universal Laser Systems page regarding this material, with a note that we have a 10.6 micron laser that is listed as working: Polyethylene Foam - Laser Cutting & Engraving | ULS

Found a Safety Data Sheet Here: https://www.pregis.com/globalassets/safety-data-sheets/osha-ghs-content---pe-foam-products-naturalcolor-30-july-2019.pdf

I found a link to an MSDS for the material here: EPE MSDS - Google Docs
and here: https://amconfoam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/MSDS-EPE.pdf

It seems fairly benign, with no major notes on toxic gases etc…

I also found a physical data sheet at FoamByMail (possible source): https://canada.foambymail.com/polyethylene-foam-sheet.html

No hurry, and thanks in advance to the awesome LCC!




@yeungx. Can you provide some feedback on your experience of cutting Polyethylene foam sheets on the VHS laser?

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I did not cut any. I decided to use a knife instead.

Hi Roland:

The LCC is giving a provisional approval to cut EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) Foam and Polyethylene foam sheets on the VHS laser.

Can you please provide feedback here on the results of.your cutting tests.

LCC would like you to document the following

  1. material thickness cut
  2. laser settings to cut this thickness
  3. Presence of excessive smoke , flareups etc
  4. Were there any noticeable fumes, odours. Inside the space and outside on the street at the laser exhaust.
  5. Please provide brand name and source of your foam so that others can find and use the same material.

Happy lasering.
On behalf of the LCC


Excellent! Thanks.
I have a 3/4" sheet right now and a pattern that I want to try.
I will take some photos and give some feedback on the cut and post them here.

Here is a link to the product - https://canada.foambymail.com/PE17-_1/polyethylene-foam-sheets-1-7lb.html


Super successful cut with 3/4" EPE Foam from foambymail.com!!

I’ll post the video. No noticeable smell. Hardly any smoke. Super nice cut!
Had to guess a little bit to focus the laser at 19cm but it worked OK.