Polycarbonate Sheets up for grabs next week, pending transportation

VHS will be receiving some sheets of polycarbonate today around noon. The dimensions are 68.75" x 82" x 3/16". These are available on a first-come first-served basis, as long as they are removed from the space ASAP. If you are trained on the table saw you can cut these smaller with the plastics blade. Reminder that polycarbonate may NOT be cut on the laser cutter!

Please post here to let everyone know how many you want to take. You can take as many as you want.


2 to 3/4, if sheets are remaining, 6 (to build a structure). Thank you John!

i want a bunch to also build a structure? meow?

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Bullet proof cat tree?

I’m only 20% joking here: please label every single sheet with “:skull_and_crossbones: DO NOT LASER: POISON GASES :skull_and_crossbones:” if there are any left in a couple days

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meow :smiley_cat:

Btw, it sounds like a few people are interested in building greenhouses with these @KittyCat , @Ficus_mischievous . Fyi if you’re going to cut these sheets down on the tablesaw, there is a risk of tripping the sawstop cartridge, so consider running the saw in bypass mode, and use the plastics blade to ensure a clean cut. A regular wood blade will take chunks out of the polycarbonate and will be hard on the tablesaw.

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Bad news, folks. The sheets are too big for amazon’s delivery van. We are grateful for their attempt to deliver the sheets too us, however VHS will need to arrange pickup for these on our own. Anyone have any leads on who can transport these sheets for us?

Btw, each sheet weighs about 26kg. There are 50 sheets, so about 1.3 tons of polycarbonate. Btw, these sheets are typically about $400 each brand new, but we’re getting them for free (or the cost of a truck)

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would the modo that was used to transport the compressor work?


Doing some quick math…

An F150 truck has a maximum payload of around 1,600 lbs
Each sheet weighs 26kg which is 58 lbs rounded up
So at maximum payload you could carry 27 sheets at a time
To be safe you would (IMHO) want to carry 20 maximum is something like an F150 truck

And being close to 6’ x 7’ they would need a large van to transport - a typical F150 box is 4.5’ x 6.5’


People living in Lexan (Polycarbonate) houses should throw stones at others?

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A truck driver I know can move these for $350 with a Hiab.

The Coquitlam River community garden is interested in these sheets to build greenhouses. The question has been brought to their directors to confirm and get an official request which I told them to send to the vhs directors. I mentioned to them that there may be a small charge to cover the costs of delivering to vhs and they would have to arrange for transportation from VHS to their location (unless we can deliver directly to them … perhaps if they are willing to pick up the cost of the transport?)


Obviously not an farm truck with helper springs.

@hectorh please connect with @KittyCat about coordinating transportation.

How many sheets did they want? I am asking a person to help me pick them up and delvier them to my area. Me+ @Ficus_mischievous want a big portion of them. porbably message me on slack . i dont check this very often. I dont think delivering to coquitlam is going to be possible for us. (im lazy) I can probably deliver a few sheets for @Rebel_without_Clause to vhs.

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the Home Depot “small” van has 3000lb load capacity and 10.5’ length x 4.6’ width x 4.7’ height internal volume for $25 for 90 minutes or $80 for 4 hours

Thanks, due to constraints on Amazon’s end (i.e. the sheets are too big to easily move through one of the narrow corridors in the warehouse, so we have to load it through one of the raised shipping docks, so we need a truck with a 4 foot deck height to pick up) @Ficus_mischievous is currently arranging pickup by a freight company.