Please take a few minutes to give some love to the VHS Wiki!

Hi all!

Please consider spending a few minutes to help make the VHS Wiki more up to date.

Login or register for an account, and see if you can find any out of date information in any articles, especially ones pertaining to our tools & equipment. If you think we’re missing a page that should exist for a tool please create one (check similar pages for a template to work off of)! The VHS Wiki runs on DokuWiki, which keeps track of any changes and lets us revert back to old versions of the page, so don’t worry about messing anything up; this is a do-ocracy!

What pages do you think deserve some attention?


I went to the Miller welder page today and did not get answers I was looking for

Gonna pester some people into educating me at some point

Btw, the wiki interface has been updated to allow larger files to be uploaded. Everyone, please upload manufacturers’ user manuals for any equipment you find at the space. This would be hugely helpful. Thanks!