Please only use the VHS airbrushes if you know how to clean it

I found the Iwata revolution airbrush caked in dried black acrylic paint and left in the drawer. I managed to clean it again.

I have started a wiki page for the air brushes and will be making change to it when I have time.

Feel free to add to it if you have expertise in the area, I am but a beginner myself, doing my own research as I go

When circumstances allow, I will probably run some basic airbrush maintenance workshops.

In the mean time:

If you are not sure how to use the airbrush or don’t know how to clean it, please ask for help by posting here or on slack before using it.



Jeez, not cool. Not cool at all. :unamused: Thanks for cleaning it Mimi!


Mimi you are a saint. I’m sorry this has happened again with the brand new airbrush supplies. Obviously VHS still has lots to learn about taking care of these tools. Thank you for rescuing this.

If the person that keeps forgetting to clean the airbrush is reading this - hey things happen but Mimi likes irish whiskey and also Earnest Ice Cream so please buy her some. :wink: (you could even leave it in the freezer without revealing your true identity).


Actually just drop off another bottle of airbrush cleaner, that would be great :+1:


But I won’t say no to ice cream and booze